Gym package for less than $1000.00. IronCompan Garage Starter Kit.

IronCompan Garage Starter Kit Review


  • (1) 7' Needle Bearing Olympic Training Bar (#32110) - 28mm - 44 lbs - 150,000 PSI Tensile Strength.
  • (2) 45 lb, (2) 35lb, (2) 25 lb, (2) 10 lb Black Solid Rubber Bumper Plates (230 lbs total).
  • (2) 5 lb and (2) 2.5 lb Black Legacy Cast Iron Olympic Plates. (1 Pair) Spring Collars.
  • (1) 50 lb and (1) 35 lb Black Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebell. (1) 16 lb and (1) 8 lb Medicine Ball.
  • (1) Cotton Jump Rope. (1) 2 oz magnesium carbonate Chalk Block. Total package weight: 402 lbs..

This package alone is enough to start your home journey towards better fitness. Whether your an Expert or Novice, simple barbell work in any discipline will train your muscles, burn fat, build muscle & strength, and re-shape your physic. The York barbell is one of the oldest and reliable bars for any home gym. 


Excellent starter gym for beginners who are new to training in the home environment with limited to no supervision or assistance. Additionally, the barbell provides an excellent option to build upon  with additional weight. 

Full Home Gym package. Body-Solid Garage Gym Cross-Training Studio.

Body-Solid Garage Gym Cross-Training Studio Review.


  • Pro Power Rack and Flat/Incline/Decline Bench
  • 255 lb Steel Grip Olympic Plate Set - (2) 2.5 lb, (4) 5 lb, (2) 10 lb, (2) 25 lb, (2) 35 lb, (2) 45 lb Plates
  • 44 lb. 7' Chrome Olympic Bar w/ Spring Collars, KB 15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb, 30 lb, 35 lb, 40 lb Cast Iron Kettlebells (6 total)
  • 14 lb Medicine Ball, BSTDMB 16 lb Dual Grip Medicine Ball, BSTHB 20 lb Slam Ball with GMR5 3-Ball Medicine Ball Rack
  • 1.5" x 30' Fitness Training Rope (17 lbs.) and 24" Plyo Box Platform

This gym comes with Absolutely every item needed to truly start your home gym from the bottom up. You can chose to add more to this or leave it as is. Either way you will still receive and produce results regardless of your fitness level. 


This package does not come with Bumper plates which may cause damage to your home gym floor. Consider adding a set of bumper plates to supplement this package to facilitate movement from the floor. 

Xtreme Fit Package with 320 lb. Bumper Set, Bar, & Accessories for home gym use.

Xtreme Fit Package Review with 320 lb. Bumper Set, Bar, & Accessories.


  • Olympic High Strength 'Made in the USA' Chicago Bar
  • 320 lb. Rubber Bumper Plate Set.
  • 180 lb. Iron Kettlebell Set: Pair of 55lb., Pair of 35lb.
  • 30' Training Rope, Soft Medicine Ball, Ab Mat, Tubular Rings, Speed Jump Rope.

Comparable to the Rogue Fitness "Alpha" package, the Xtreme Fit package provides enough weight and accessories for the Home Gym buff to get started. Regardless of your discipline, purchasing enough plates to increase your fitness level is essential. 320lbs is a perfect starting point in which you can grow or decrease from. Although barbells may differ, bumper plates are typically made by another country and re-branded and sold in the US. The weight and characteristics of a bumper plate are the same. Additionally, the Kettle Bells, Jump Rope and Ab Mat are no different than Rogue products. Why Spend more for the items of your gym that will suffer little to no damage or wear. For the Xtreme Conquer Package (which includes a Concept 2 Rower), click the button below. 


Obtain this package for any fitness discipline (Power-lifting, Weight-lifting, or Crossfit). 

BEST HOME GYM BOWFLEX set up for home gym use and set up. home gyms from bowflex

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review


  • 60+ exercises for a fully body workout
  • 210 lbs. of Power Rod® resistance, upgradable to 310 lbs. or 410 lbs.
  • Bowflex® provides 7 free trainer-built workout regimens
  • Sliding seat rail allows you to perform aerobic rowing and leg presses
  • Multiple cable/pulley positions enable custom workouts
  • Lat bar and squat bar included
  • Triple function hand-grip/ ankle cuffs included
  • Folding bench and wheels provide easy storage

For the price, the quality, and the brand, nothing comes close to Bowflex and their well-known line of products. Simple and convenience are top attributes for this piece of Home Gym equipment to add to your inventory.  


Obtain this equipment for your home gym if you may or may not have injuries that prohibit the use of free weights. There no sense in keeping yourself broken. Stay in shape and show your body who is boss. Obtain if you want to starting working from home immediately.