Building a Home Gym from Beginning to End

Building a home crossfit gym

1) Tell Your Old Self Good-Bye & Hello to the New You! Fitness for Beginners starts here!

Here's the deal, the first step is being able to commit to your perspective fitness level - find a mirror and look yourself square in the face and say good bye. 

If your goal is to look different (Thinner, Bigger, More Defined, Sexier etc), or to build strength, you must mentally commit to the path for which you will embark!

Everyone gets into home fitness for many reasons, what's yours? Lastly, if you are wondering if a home gym is worth it? It absolutely is when you consider all the benefits you obtain and save from creating your own gym at home. 

2) Determine the body you want & go for it with faster results!

Its true that there is a new fitness trend every 10 days. Which one works best for you?

Are you a Body-Builder? Crossfiter looking to save on Crossfit Cost? Power Lifter? Weight Lifter? Or do you enjoy Hasfit??? 

Do you enjoy calisthenics? Street Workout? All of the above? Find your niche to focus your home gym purchases with the intent at being the best at it. If you don't enjoy it, it is not for you.  Know this before you invest in creating a powerlifting  gym, and weight lifting gym, or a crossfit gym at home.

3) Budget your available funds and save hundreds!

Setting up a home gym on a budget requires careful planning and knowing the difference between creating a workout room and creating a home gym. If funding is not an issue, must be NICE!

For the rest of us, Buying what you want when you want it is a calculated risk! Lets agree that planning your purchase takes strategy. 

Regardless, The first purchase you obtain should allow you to start working out immediately upon arrival. Example, do not make your first purchase a squat stand (with no bench, weights, or pull up bar). 

The best option is to purchase an initial fitness package that includes weight, barbells, clamps, conditioning items, etc. See our Equipment Review for ideas. 

4 ) Ensure you have enough space to allow your gym to grow

Look, this is simple but overlooked. Ensure you have enough space not only to support your equipment, but to support your Niche (have you figured it out yet). Having the home essentials for your gym will not take up as much room as you may think. 

Your Garage, Bedroom, Shed or Living Room will work. But check your space and take measurements if you have to (especially for height requirements).

There is no worst feeling that having your equipment arrive and it not fitting where you need it to be. Clean up that space and get to work. Exercise at home  and use that empty space towards healthier living and longevity. 

5) Invest in Longevity & Safety

Safety is paramount! Know one wants to start a home gym and get hurt in the process. The worst thing you can do is injure yourself to where you can't use your own equipment. 

The truth is, you may be alone for most if not all of your workouts. Its is your responsibility to ensure your equipment can support the gains your will make in the future (because we are always looking towards the future).

Ensure that the equipment you grant the privilege of being apart of your sanctuary can withstand time & weathering (especially in an uncontrolled climate like a garage). 

Even if you workout in a controlled environment (again, must be Nice), proper care & maintenance will prolong the life of your gym for indefinite use. 

6) Enjoy the Benefits of working out, feeling & looking your best all year!

Enjoy all the benefits of owning a home gym. Also, enjoy how great you will feel every day you receive a complement about your physic, your improved spirit, your chiseled muscles, or your weight loss. You've worked hard and earned every bit of it. Be recognized by others, but most of all, yourself. 

Here are more benefits to owning your home gym:

  •  1: No one will see you fail, but will notice your gains. Anxiety has no place in your gym. 
  •  2: More time at home with family. If you have kids in sports, train with them.
  •  3: No excuses not to workout, Its literally steps away for your bed. 
  •  4: Save on monthly gym expenses. The more money you can use on support  equipment (like knee straps). 
  •  5: No more waiting on equipment (Bro, can I work in?? NOPE).
  •  6. You can stop and start on your time. 

At Home Workouts for Beginners

Scroll below to find items and tips on creating your garage gym. If you have a home gym, follow our fitness blog. Workouts posted Mon, Wed, & Fri. We have all levels of fitness ideas and exercise regimen for beginners and intermediates. Find your fitness inspiration.

Starting a Home Gym & what you need for beginner workouts

Squat Rack (Cage)

Best Squat Racks

No home gym is complete without a rack. I'm sure if you don't have a rack, you don't really have a home gym. You just have some weights you put together over time. 

There are many available options online, but you don't have to spend an excess amount on equipment that will support your fitness level. Know your limits! We recommend at least 70 inches High and rated at least 700 lbs and higher. 

Your selection of squat racks will be based on your physical ability and your strength. Click below to see our recommendations or see our equipment review page. 

Row Machines

Affordable Home Gym Rower

For those who seek a cardio burn without running with low impact on your joints, we highly recommend you invest in a Row Machine. 

Considered to be a basic home gym equipment feature, the low impact of the movement will provide a total-body workout in significantly less time than if you were run for the same amount of calories. Additionally, storage is maximized due to its 2 piece configuation which breaks down easily for storage anywhere in your home. 

The Concept 2 Rower is one of the best workout machines for low impact cardio workouts. 


Affordable Workout Bench

This item is integral to your Home Gym Essentials Checklist. But that's not all, choosing a bench is essential to a home gym because isolation work if required for muscle growth and physical endurance. 

There are many options available to customers on the lookout for the best deals and prices. Always chose a strong bench that will maintain itself as your strength increases. Pay attention to the max weight allowed which is your body weight + workout weight.

Lastly, look for a bench that is adjustable to maximize your muscle movements for limitless training. 

Weights & Bars

Affordable Bumper Plates

Home Gym on a Budget...not for Barbells  you don't. Arguably the most important aspect of your home gym. Self conducted research is required to make the right decision, but don't skimp on quality to save a few dollars. 

Rouge Fitness has some of the best bars on the Market. But there are plenty of comparable products that deliver strength, durability, & sustainability. Shop Now Rogue Fitness

For Weights, there are many comparable and durable brands to Invest in your fitness. Bumper plates should always be considered to reduce floor damage.  

Lastly, there are plenty of affordable options for purchasing an Olympic Bar that does not compromise on Whip, Knurl, Weight Capacity, & durability. See options below. 

Flooring (Horse Stall Mats)


Stall Mats, Stall Mats, Stall Mats. 

Everything else is just for decoration. 1/2 inch will work, but 3/4 inch is optimal. Choice is yours to make. You can order them online or find your nearest Tracker Supply store. Also, see

Obtaining appropriate flooring for your home gym is not only to protect your floor, but is doubles as protection for your weights. Believe it or not, bumper plates can still be damaged if subjected to excessive drops on a non-protected floor. The garage gym is not a true workout space if there are no more weights to pick and and perform a personal record. Take a look at our recommendations for flooring and padding by reviewing our YouTube page. 

Kettle Bells


Home gyms on a budget must include Kettle Bells. Click the Photo for Kettle Bell Challenge workouts.

When selecting Kettle Bells, know how many you want and at which weights. Some packages come with 4-6 kettle bells included. Rogue Fitness produces outstanding Kettle Bells, but there's a catch. Their KBs are limited by incremental weight (25, 35, 53, 70, etc).  Shop Now Rogue Fitness 

Other KB options may provide more weight increments specific to your fitness level (10, 12, 15, 17, 28, 32, 41, 52, etc). Bottom Line, figure what weight increments you need for your home gym and acquire the best product. 

A Kettle Bell, is a Kettle Bell, is a Kettle Bell.

Our Fitness Blog will include multiple variants of Kettle Bell work. A variety of warm-up work and exercises can be completed using only Kettle Bells. Kettle Bell Swings, Goblet Squats, Snatches, Thrusters, & Farmer's Carry. Subscribe to stay informed. 

Home Workouts for Beginners

Workouts for beginners can be found here. See the home page for more advance workout routines.

Additional Home Gym Ideas


At Home (BEACHBODY) Workouts

Sculpt your ultimate physique in 60 days with the Master's Hammer and Chisel workout by Beachbody. 

All-In-One Home Gym Machines

If your Niche is still a mystery, an All-In-One fitness machine is perfect for your fitness success. The benefits to having and all in one gyms is it removed the need or the want to think of what equipment to use and how to set it up. Its all in one easy to find location ready for you to use. Additionally, these gym items can be the one and only purchase you make depending on your fitness level and capability. If you physical ability is limited or if you simply only want to make one purchase, consider investing in an all-in-one home gym. 

Treadmills, Treadmills, Treadmills, Treadmills, Treadmills!

Durability and portability should be considered when choosing a treadmill. Take your health and your fitness in your own hands. Get serious about it today. Especially, when the weather does not permit outdoor activity. 

Additionally, running, jogging, or even walking is an essential part of maintaining fitness all year around. Sitting is fast becoming the new cancer to our bodies as technology is slowly removing to need to get up and go. Your fitness does not have to suffer is you obtain a treadmill that allows you to walk at your own pace for 30 or less a day. 


Low impact training, low cost, high cardiovascular reward. When choosing en elliptical, ensure it is fold-able to allow for optimal storage. 

Supplements, Gear, Equipment, & More

For more deals on supplements and other items, click on the link below for more savings!