Best Home Gym Equipment Packages & Starter Kits from Fringe Sport

Gym package for less than $1000.00. 1 Person Garage Gym Starter Package (Fringe Sport).

1 Person Garage Gym Starter Package (Fringe Sport).


  • 1 OneFitWonder  Barbell, 20kg or 15kg. Bushing rotation, 216,000 PSI (160,000 PSI for 15kg).
  • 10/25/35/45lb pair Bumper Plates
  • Strap barbell collars.
  • 12, 16,  24kg kettlebells included.  
  • 1 Speed rope.
  • 1 Medicine Ball
  • 1 Slam ball
  • 1 Abdominal Mat
  • Gymnastic Rings (Wood or Plastic).
  • Plyo Box
  • Wall mounted Pull Up bar. 

Depending on your fitness level and preference, Fridge Sport provides a variety of great products that provide the essential components to start any workout routine. Starting at below $700.00, you can customize your gym overtime to optimize your home gym experience. 


This starter kits comes with additional components that may be separate from others starter kits such as a Slam Ball and a Plyo Box. See the button below if you are on hunt for a larger home gym with more friends and family. 

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