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Home Gym Best Adjustable Bench 2018 for home gym use. perfect bench seat for home gyms.



  • Made in the USA
  • (6) Adjustment Positions: 0-85 degrees
  • Pad Height: 17.5”
  • Pad Width: 11.25”
  • Overall Pad Length: 52”
  • Virtually No Gap between Seat/Back Pad
  • (2) Seat Positions: Flat or Upward Angl
  • Wheels and plastic-lined handle for mobility
  • Rubber caps on legs to prevent sliding, protect floor
  • Optional Spotter Deck (can be added via dropdown menu)
  • Color: Black

Sturdy, Durable, & assembled with quality in mind, this adjustable bench is essential to optimizing the versatility of your home gym by allowing multiple positions (total of 6) during bench work. 

Gymnastic Rings for Home Gym & Home workouts. Gymnastic wood rings for home gym use.

Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings Review.


  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Diameter: 1.25” standard or optional 1.11” FIG spec ring for athletes with smaller hands (FIG = International Gymnastics Federation)
  • Firm grip with or without chalk
  • A set includes (2) 1.5” Heavy Duty Nylon Straps with Buckle, available in Black, Desert Tan, or Ranger Green
  • *16' Strap features VELCRO® brand fasteners to keep excess strap in one place

Gymnastic rings are a perfect addition for your home gym. If your squat rack or ceiling can support it, you can perform Ring Dips, Pull ups, Muscle Ups, Ring Push Ups, Chest Cross Overs, and Ring Rows rows. The wood rings are best for optimal grip and comfort when performing these movements. There are many variants out there, but with Rogue, you can customized the set to match your gym's temperament and style. 


Compare with other Gymnastics rings on the market to find what works best for your gym and your budget. Always go with Wood rings as the plastics tend to cause the user to lose grip during heavy workouts where your hands tend to sweat. Additionally, the wood provides breathable materiel for your hands.

weight belt for crossfit. Weight belt for powerlifting. best weight belt


There is no better accessory equipment to have when lifting heavy weights in the house like a support belt. Choose from top quality and recognizable brands like rogue to will ensure your investment will last. 

The USA Nylon Lifting Belt is equipped for optimal support and a customized contoured fit, and it's available here in three exclusive colorways:

  • Black: Black foam frame with laser-cut Rogue logo on grey panel
  • Camo: Black foam frame with Multicam 3" webbing piece and Desert Tan laser-cut Rogue logo
  • Gray/Red: Black foam frame with Grey 3" webbing with Red laser-cut Rogue logo

Equipped for optimal support and a customized contoured fit, the USA Nylon Lifting Belt introduces several new upgraded features, including a blacked-out buckle and roller for smooth adjustments, a 1/4” thick foam frame (with ripstop exterior), and a 3”x2” section of Velcro for attaching a Rogue patch or your own custom patches. We’ve also updated the end of the strap with an easy-to-find, folded-over portion, allowing the wearer to quickly loosen or remove the belt as needed mid-workout.

Click to photo for current pricing. Safety when independently lifting must never be compromised.  

Home Gym Workout Gloves

WODies Review (by JerkFit).

Provides full palm protection and reduces hand tearing during weightlifting & crossfit workouts. Provides protection during power-lifting workouts as well. WODies also come with wrist straps. Comparable to typical protection gloves, WODies conform close to you palm which significantly reduce crimping (preserving your grip). 


If you workout out, buy some WODies to protect your hands and extend your workout past the point of palm failure due to tearing.